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Professional Cricket coaching for all ages and abilities in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.
Helping you ignite a love and passion for the game

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About Me

About Me

A quick intro from Ali Choudhry (Head Coach) 

I have 30+ years of experience playing a high standard of cricket across the UK and internationally in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I have been extremely grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to play alongside and against some internationally respected elite cricketers. This experience has given me a great deal of knowledge and understanding and to appreciate that no two people are the same; everyone is different. What may work for someone else might not work for you. It's all about finding the balance and correctly developing your skills and talent.


Throughout my playing career, I have always been involved in developing and coaching junior and adult cricketers. Nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than seeing others develop their cricketing skills. I have a huge passion for coaching; no player is ever a challenge for me, regardless of whether you're a first-timer, re-joiner, or seasoned veteran. Whatever your level, my tailored 1-to-1 and group coaching sessions will be beneficial to help you improve and enjoy the game.

Having previously coached at Complete Cricket and alongside Marco Higgins Coaching, I am now coaching on my own and as a member of Berkswell Cricket Club.

My Coaching Philosophy; 

I'm all about installing consistency and providing players with knowledge on how to deal with both the mental and tactical aspects of the game. It's not just about praising you for bowling or playing a good ball. It's actually to question your understanding: do you know what you just did and how? Can you repeat it again and again in the same way every time? This creates consistency in performance, being able to play the same shot or bowl the same ball effortlessly.


Can you figure out a batter or bowler within 30 seconds of facing or bowling a ball? Cricket, like any other sport, is 90% Mental and only 10% Practical. If you don't have the knowledge to apply your skills and abilities to real match situations, your technique and talent alone will only get you so far. 


When we help you achieve our golden formula; is the day you will really start to enjoy and ignite a genuine love for the game.

  • Specialist Bowling Coach (Seam/ Swing)

  • Specialist Batting Coach (Playing Spin)

  • Working with Rehabilitation Players - Recovery from Injury

  • Preparation for District & County Trials

Learn more about my coaching qualifications and experience here...

Coaching Classes

Omar Choudhry - Psychiatrists Department Cricket

“Honestly, didn't think Ali was up to the task of getting me back into cricket after an extremely long break of almost +20 years. It's amazing to see how much Ali's learnt as a coach, to be able to teach me a few new things about my skills and abilities and how to correct them for the modern game. Thanks for helping me find the love and passion I have for this game once again.   ”

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