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Coaching Classes

Offering various coaching options tailored and customised to your requirements as an induvial, group or club. No matter the level you're at we can always find a solution that best suits your goals and learning outcomes.


Please do not be hesitant to reach out if non of our sessions below work for you, we can always discuss more bespoke coaching options.  

Exclusive Cricket Equipment Discounts

Customers of our coaching school will be entitled to receive exclusive discount codes to use at our partnered cricket suppliers websites or in-store branches.

Cricket Equipment

1-to-1 Coaching

Our 1-to-1 sessions focus on the individual, helping you to understand the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of the game. While we help you to develop your skills and talent in the right way. Our proven methods work for all player levels from beginners to elite. These sessions are tailored according your requirements and needs in the key areas of cricket.

Key areas we can cover:

Batting, Bowling, Feilding, Wicket Keeping, Video Analysis, Strength & Conditioning

Duration & Prices

45-90mins per session @ £30-£60

(Without Video Analysis)

1 hour per session @ £40 (Video Analysis)

Group Coaching (Softball)

These classes are ideal for children aged 4-11, they will learn to start their cricketing journey with junior cricket sets. These sessions are conducted with soft tennis balls, or soft rubber wind balls depending on the age group. Maximum 8 children per session as this gives one coach enough time to help each child.

Key areas we cover:

Bowling and Batting Basics & Fundamentals, Fielding, team play, game based sessions and laws of the game.

Duration & Prices

1 hour per session @ £10 per child


Group Coaching (Hardball)

These classes are ideal for any junior cricketer aged +11. Who are currently in the process to transition over to Hard Ball Cricket or currently in Junior team's at school or club level. Maximum 7 Juniors per session.


Key areas we cover:

Bowling, Bowling, Wicket Keeping, Tactical and Mental areas of cricket and game-based scenarios.

Duration & Prices

1 hour per session @ £15 per Junior Player

Group Coaching (Seniors)

If your a group of senior (aged 18+) friends or club members looking for a coach to help you improve or aid you back into cricket we can help. We specialise in injury recovery and helping players to find their form again. Max 6 players per group

Key areas we cover:
Bowling, Batting, Wicket Keeping, more focus towards Mental and Physical aspects of the game. Understanding match situations and pitch conditions.

Duration & Prices
1-2 hours per session @ £10-£15 per person

District & County Trials

If you're a school or club cricketer being put forward or looking to trial for district or county cricket. We can help fine tune those batting, field, and bowling skills as well as mentally and psychically preparing you for what will take place at these trials.

Key areas we cover:

Making sure your batting, bowling, Wicket Keeping and fielding technique is inline with Selection process, Mental and Tactical preparation, discipline and trial etiquettes.

Duration & Prices

1 hour session @ £40

Eastbourne College England

Cricket Coach Hire

If your school, college, university or club is looking for a contractual or temporary coach to help out. We can definitely help during the winter or outdoor season. We are more than happy to work with lunch time clubs, supporting physical education teachers with P.E. lessons, as well as after school teams and clubs. 

Key areas we cover:

West Midlands: Coventry, Rugby, Warwick, Leamington, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Kenilworth, Solihull, Central Birmingham

Duration & Prices

45-120 mins 

Prices are negotiable depending on client requirement's and number of participants per coach.

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