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Yorker me With a Question - I’ll drive straight back at You with an Answer ;)

Are all of your coaches qualified

YES! Our coaching staff all hold ECB coaching qualifications, are DBS checked and safeguarding/ first aid trained. We do not hire anyone without these valid certifications, so you can rest assure you and your children are in safe hands. We will never hire anyone that is a risk to us or to your children, we constantly take records and monitor security and certification renewal dates. If a coaches certifications have not been renewed and are now expired they will not be allowed to return to coaching until all certifications are renewed. 

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to be coached by you?

No! You can be of any standard, fitness, or ability it does not matter we are available for everyone. Regardless, if you are a first timer or seasoned professional. If you're looking for ideas and guidance on strength and conditioning, we can discuss this during our sessions and we can give you one of our very own personalised cricket Workout Plans.

Can I choose who coaches me from your team for my 1-to-1 sessions?

YES! Absolutely! if there is a coach you are more comfortable with from our team. We will aim to make sure your sessions are with the same coach. However, sometimes for whatever reason they may not be available. So, we would be extremely appreciative if you gave one of the other coaches a chance. It's actually a very good idea to get other coaches involved as everyone has different ideas and advice to help improve your game. Sometimes a second opinion is worth looking at. We have all received the same coaching qualifications and have similar coaching styles. We always bounce ideas of each other and discuss players we coach. 

Can I leave my child with you for 1-to-1 sessions while I run some personal errands?

No! Unfortunately, under the latest ECB guidelines and policies of best practice which all coaches adhere to. No child under 18 years of age must be left unattended with a cricket coach. This helps to protect the coaches and child from any compliance or legal issues. Parents and legal guardians over the age of 18 must be present with the child being coached. This also applies to junior group bookings parents or legal guardians must be present for the full duration of the sessions.

What happens with the video content during a private session?

Any player child or adult that has requested the 'Video Analysis' session with one of our coaches. Will have the option to receive copies of the recorded session. The video will not be stored and will be deleted immediately within a couple of hours after copies for the player themselves have been made to comply with GDPR compliance. There will be times, as a result of a good session, we may like to use the content on this website or social media posts. We will obtain your full consent and permission before posting content from adults, parents, and junior players.

My child has learning difficulties and medical conditions will this be an issue?

No! Absolutely not! we have worked with plenty of children with various forms of learning disabilities from ADHD to Asperger's we always find suitable solutions to help the child learn the game at their own pace and what is right for them. All coaches have valid and up to date First Aid training and qualifications to attend to all needs. Upon registration we take all medical information before session bookings to make sure we do not request your child to participate in any actives beyond their limitations.

I have a disability would you still be able to coach me?

Yes! Absolutely! we have worked with plenty of cricketers that are part of the disabled cricketer’s association. We have all the right training to be able to cater and coach players with all types of various disabilities. Previous experience involves having coached a junior player with a prosthetic leg and has now been selected for the Warwickshire CCC Access team.

Do I need to bring my own cricket kit to the sessions?

For hardball sessions we advise you to bring your own bat and protective gear (helmet, pads, box and gloves) We don't provide any hard ball gear. You may use your own cricket ball for bowling, or we can provide you with one. Likewise, please kindly bring any keeping equipment as this is not provided by the coaches.


For softball sessions you do not need to bring anything the coaches will supply you with age appropriate cricket bats and balls needed for the coaching sessions.


What clothing is most appropriate?

Depends on whether the activity is indoor or outdoor but basically t-shirt, sweatshirt or track jacket, shorts/tracksuit bottoms/joggers, training shoes. If outdoor session, it is also a good idea to pack a shower jacket, sun hat and sun cream.

Do you provide lunch and refreshments?

No!, we do not, so you should bring appropriate drinks or drinking bottle/snacks/lunch but drinking water will be available at all sites we use. Please advise our coaching staff if your child has any medical needs requiring, for example, an inhaler.

How do I pay?

Currently we are only accepting cash before or after your coaching session on the day. We are happy to take bank transfer payments payments once you have booked a session with the Head Coach.

Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?

No!, Unfortunately we are not currently set up to accept Childcare Vouchers as payment.

How do I get a discount code to use at your cricket partners website or in-store branch?

All customers who have booked and completed a minimum of 4 coaching sessions with us, 1-21, hardball or softball shall be entitled to receive an exclusive discount code to use at one of our cricket equipment partners. If you have multiple children each child will receive a discount code.

Click here to learn more about are Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy  

How long does the discount code last?

The discount codes have no expiry date, as long as you remain a customer of the coaching school. However, if you stop taking lessons with us the code will no longer be valid in-store or online. Should you go on holiday or become unwell for a long period of time we will temporarily deactivate your code. This may require us to provide you will a new discount code if our partner is unable to reactive the existing code.

Click here to learn more about are Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy  

The discount code is not working on your partners website?

If for whatever reason the discount code we provide you with does not work on our partnered cricket suppliers website. You will need to contact them directly via phone or email using their contact page information. We do not generate the codes ourselves they are provided by our Partner directly to us. More than non, it's usually a temporary technical issue with the partners website that's not allowing the discount code. They will be able to resolve your issue within a reasonable amount of time. 

Click here to learn more about are Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy

Can I get a cash equivalent of the discount code or a discount on my next coaching session?

No!, Unfortunately there is no cash alternative in replacement of the discount code as each item is priced differently. It would be impossible for our partner to provide you with an exact value of the discount code. No!, Unfortunately you can not substitute the discount code for a discount on our coaching session prices. 

Click here to learn more about are Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy

Can my child walk or cycle home on his/her own?

We will only permit this if we have written permission in advance from a parent or guardian.

Can you please check if we have purchased the correct cricket equipment for our child?

YES! Absolutely, we can advise and recommend if a bat is too heavy/ light, if the helmet is the right size. Best places to purchase new equipment etc. What we don't recommend and advise what branded items to buy and how much you spend. As everyone is different, when it comes to personal taste, we rather they choose according to their own likes and dislikes. We can simply advise if the you would be better off with a low or mid profile bat, how many grips you should have on the bat etc.

I am under 18 years of age do I have to wear a Helmet during the hard ball sessions?

YES! Absolutely! our coaches use a sidearm that can easily rack up speeds of 65-80Mph. On most occasions some balls have lost their shape or grip when released from a sidearm can travel at rapid speeds, usually in the form of a bouncer or beamer delivery. We will refuse to coach you if you do not wear a helmet. We cannot provide helmets either, if you forget your helmet you will have to pay a fine of £25 for a session cancellation before we agree to book you in again. 

We advise adults to always wear a helmet against the sidearms with elite speeds but this entirely your choice. However, we do not take responsibility or liability for any injuries sustained as a result of choosing not to wear a helmet. 

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