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How do I get cricket sponsorship?

Updated: Apr 29

You don't need to be a First-Class County or International cricketer to get sponsorship. You certainly won't get Full Sponsorship. However, with almost every cricket brand, you can obtain discounted sponsorships from "25-50%" off the original retail price.

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Obtaining cricket sponsorship is not easy by any means, and it takes a serious company to really buy into you! As long as you can show them you have a bright future in cricket and can respectfully promote their values and image as a brand ambassador. They will always be willing to offer you some sponsorship deal, even if you are currently only playing school and junior-level club cricket.

However, it's not about your cricketing abilities and where you could potentially take your cricket in the future. It's also about your professionalism and character. How do you carry yourself? What language do you use? How would you be the ideal spokesperson to maintain the brand's image?

With the global economic crisis and the cost of commodities in the UK. I especially encourage junior players, with their parents' support, to try and obtain sponsorship if they can. Good-quality cricket equipment can develop and instil confidence in younger players. To be associated with a brand means excellence; they will have to improve as players themselves to have the right to continue the sponsorship.

Please remember if you have successfully obtained sponsorship with a cricket brand. It would be best if you always remain humble and grateful at all times. As at any moment a change in character or a slight misrepresentation, including a significant dip in performance. The company can decide to retract and immediately terminate your sponsorship. The terms are clear-cut in the sponsorship contracts players receive and sign.

So here are a few steps to help you obtain cricket sponsorship;

Step #1 - Build your "Brand"

Social media is a great place to start, especially Instagram and Twitter/(X). Post pictures and short videos about your success and performances in school and club matches, man-of-the-match awards, and proof of your score or bowling figures from the club/ school scorebook.

Remember, the company will be interested in not just your cricketing abilities and awards. It's you as a brand ambassador and how you come across to others.

Remember to speak professionally; even when you don't like a piece of equipment, you are commenting on and reviewing, be respectful. Explain why you don't like something and suggest how to improve the bat, pads, or whatever the item may be. Vice versa, even if you think the brand has launched something unique, mention why you like it. All companies love feedback from their sponsored players to help develop ideas for new product ranges, attracting new customers and driving sales volume.

Note how many followers commented and liked a specific post about an item you reviewed from the company you hope to be sponsored by. This will show the company you can drive more engagement and sales as a brand ambassador.

Step #2 - Be selective with the sponsorship you want!

Don't simply DM or email every company asking them to sponsor you! Companies hate the unprofessional approach. Companies like people who genuinely want a specific company to sponsor them. It would be best to show what value you can bring to their brand as a sponsored player.

You must be highly selective with the brand you want your equipment from, such as bats, shoes, protective gear, etc., as you can only have one cricket brand sponsor you at any time as a player.

Step #3 - Take lots of wickets, catches and score lots of runs!

More than the odd great performance, you need to show you're a consistent player who constantly develops and grows daily. Make sure to save digital copies of any times your performance has appeared in school papers or on the club or league website.

You can even download your end-of-season stats from You must show the sponsorship company that you’re improving and consistently performing every year to maintain the sponsorship and get additional discounts when resigning with them for the following season.

Make sure you are finishing at least in the top two performers for your age group and teams in batting, bowling averages, etc., depending on your role even if you're a wicket-keeper and bat down the order. Don't worry; keep records showing how many successful catches, runouts, and stumpings you take on average in every game.

Step #4 - Build a Cricket CV!

Like most working professionals, Cricketers must also have a detailed CV. This will show how impressive you are as a club and school cricketer. Your CV should highlight the awards and recognitions you have received alongside all other achievements in one place.

A cricket CV also acts as a record document to keep track of any progress or changes in your career. You can update the information accordingly and send it to the relevant parties to keep them constantly updated on any changes to personal development and new performances.

Some great Cricket CV samples can be found here to help you draft and write yours.

Step #5 - Complete a sponsorship form & send an email

Once you have everything you need from steps 1 through 4, it's time to apply. Visit the company website you are most interested in being sponsored by and look for a section or link with information on how to apply for sponsorship or become a brand ambassador.

When you discover this page, some cricket brands will ask you to complete a digital application. You can also download it and email it to one of their office email addresses. Regardless of which option they request, you need to be able to also send a professional email to the company with your cricketing CV, Stats, and a few newspaper clippings of the top most memorable performances (match-winning contributions) alongside your application.

What does the email need to include;

Firstly, do not BCC or CC any additional companies you're interested in getting sponsored by. Each email you send should be personalized per the company you're interested in being sponsored by. Remember, you can only have one sponsorship at a time, so wait for a response from the first company you apply to.

Here's what the format of your email should include.

  • Introduction - mention why you are emailing them, e.g., "Dear Sir/Madam, My name is... I am writing regarding the opportunity to become a sponsored cricketer with your most reputable and respected brand...." Briefly explain your role, how long you have played cricket, and which teams and clubs you have represented (past & Present). Include current or last season batting/bowling averages, total wickets and runs scored, and how many matches they’re in. Separate the stats if you play junior and adult cricket. However, include a total combination for the season(s).

  • Why them? - Explain why you would like them to sponsor you. What do you love about their brand? When did you fall in love with the brand? What items are in your current or previous kit bag that the company makes? Make sure to show them passion and enthusiasm in your writing.

  • Why would you make the perfect brand ambassador? - Here is where you need to talk about your social following and the growth (year on year.) It will be good to mention any of the sponsor's products you reviewed on your social channels and how many comments and likes they received. Even if it's rough estimates of how many of your followers might have brought the products. This shows the company that, as a brand ambassador, you can help drive sales and engagement professionally.

  • Budgets / Spending - Inform the company by having a sponsorship how much more you could spend and budget per season. Make sure the amount is realistic and not exaggerated. If you can't think of a whole number, include quantity such as two bats, new pads and gloves every season, etc.

  • Attached documents: To finish the email, mention what documents you are attaching and why. i.e., "Please kindly find my attached CV and play cricket stats of my most recent performances for your kind consideration towards my application for cricket sponsorship with your most reputable company."

  • Finally, sign off the email with a thank you and say how much you look forward to their response. Before ending the email after writing "Sincerely.....," remember to include your full name, address, phone number, links to your stats, and all your social channels links underneath your signature and name.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, if you do not hear back from the company within 1-2 weeks, more than often, you have not been successful in getting sponsorship. It would be best if you did not keep pestering them with follow-up emails. You can always work on building your brand on social media and improving your stats for the upcoming season. Then, the following year, re-apply with new documents and stats.

If you do receive a negative response, Do not reply to the email with a response challenging their decision not to sponsor you. Instead, respond by asking for feedback on what you can do to become more successful in obtaining a sponsorship with them in the future. This will show them your passion and commitment to becoming a future sponsored player; you will be on their radar for reconsideration.

Whether it is a positive or a negative response, thank them for taking the time to consider your application and provide feedback. It clearly shows them your professionalism and character, making a solid impression on them the next time you apply again in the future.

Good luck and happy cricketing from Ali Choudhry Cricket Coaching.



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