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New 1-2-1 coaching session option coming soon.

17 Mar 2023

The coaching school is currently in talks with a cricket supplier who have agreed to provide our coaching school with sponsorship. This partnership will be vital in helping the coaching school expand and offer new services.

With the aid of our new sponsorship deal we are excited to announce we will be looking to acquire a portable bowling machine (Paceman) for those customer who have requested one. Unfortunately, we have looked at the BOLA option but none are feasible at this moment in time due to insurance, venues with power outlets and all over possibly incurred costs.

The elite Paceman 525 is the latest release, a fully portable and light-weight bowling machine. In fact it is more realistic as the delivery is more or less the same height as an average bowler. The Paceman 525 generates speeds of up to 150 Kmph (93.2 Mph) with original balls and up to 130 Kmph (80.7 Mph) using the hard Paceman Balls. With the option to add swing and spin, with the ability to change delivery types from Short to Yorker length bowling.

ETA on acquisition of the bowling machine will be around late April/ Mid May 2024.

Stay tuned for announcements and check the 'Coaching Classes' page for our new coaching session options.

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